Photo: This Igbo Traditional Wedding list will Shock You

igbo marriage list 2Eastern brides are said to be the most expensive brides in Nigeria, in terms of what is reportedly demanded of the potential groom in the ‘list’

In terms of what it takes to take a bride from any of the eastern states in Nigeria, it is said to not be a walk in the park. The Igbo tribe take pride in their daughters and don’t hesitate to show any potential suitor how ‘highly rated’ she is.igbo marriage list
The Igbo bride’s traditional wedding list is probably one of the most discussed topics whenever a man indicates interest in taking an Igbo wife.
A groom was reportedly asked to buy the following items in the picture below, for him to be able to take a wife from the Afikpo area of Ebonyi state:
“it is called Nvunvu, a traditional marriage rite performed by an intended groom, mostly done by the Afikpo people in Ebonyi State”.
igbo marriage list 1
The Igbos also perform a tradition called ‘idu uno‘ where a bride is sent forth from her parents’ house to her new home. She is given lots of gifts consisting mostly of items she’ll need to make her home.
She gets items like refrigerator, brooms, mortar/pestle, gas cooker, pots and pans e.t.c, especially if her family can afford it.
Here is a picture of a bride with her ‘idu uno’ gifts:
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