Zimbabwean Woman Shows off Her Breasts on Facebook

ZIMBABWE – Whilst Facebook is being used by some Zimbabweans to advance good causes,some Zimbabwean women have turned the social network site into into a sex objects viewing parlour.

Going theorugh facebook one comes across many nude or semi nude pictures of Zimbabwean girls and women exposing their bodies to love hungry men.Sue Makonese lays it bare as she writes on her facebook wall that she is love sick.

The Zimbabwean girl has gone against the expectations of her cultural values and facebook regulations as she looks for love on facebook.

Her profile says she is based in South Africa ,is employed by Easy Dezignz and attended Girls High School Harare.

Her friends on facebook include Cde Mavhuragumbo Mupaneshure Musviristiaakakwana.

Some salivating men like Moses Magwaza quickly commented on Sue Makonese’s picture saying,

“Hie,u are a designer wat actualy do u design clothes or smthng bcoz i lyk the way u lok on yo profile picture.”

Writing on one Godfrey’s wall Sue Makonese is not detered by the HIV virus causing havoc in African countries as she invites the man to go out with her saying “Huya udanane neni iwe. Haunyengi…” (Come and go out with me.You don’t propose)

via Zimbabweonline


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