Shocking Story of Tope Alabi

A Multi-Platinum Contemporary and Gospel Singer, Patricia Temitope Alabi was born on the 27th of October, 1970. She was born in Lagos state, Nigeria, and she was the only girl in her family. During her Secondary school days, between 1982 and 1984, Tope Alabi joined the Jesters International, a group at Ibadan for her love and interest in music and drama. She gained her first experience of drama there. Tope Alabi is a native of Yewa, Imeko of Ogun state. She pursued her education with all seriousness and dedication because her parents, Pa Joseph Akinyele Obayomi and Madam Agnes Kehinde Obayomi, were very strict. She studied Mass Communication and graduated in 1990.

Tope Alabi has worked as correspondent at NTA Ibadan and NTA channel7, Lagos. She got her groove back on in theater art profession and joined the prestigious “Alade Aromire Theater Group” in 1994. This was where she capitalized on her talent as an actress and singer. Tope Alabi was grateful to this group as they gave her the edge and exposure to subsequent domination of Yoruba movie soundtracks production. Her voice stands her out of the crowd with its uniqueness. She has over 350 movie soundtracks and 8 albums in one decade and has performed on different stage, locally and internationally.

There were two major rumors that tried to bring Tope Alabi down. The scandal of having sexual relationship with her spiritual leader – late Pastor Ireti Ajanaku. Pastor Ajanaku has revealed that Tope Alabi wasn’t able to hide her sexual urge and was putting pressure on Pastor to have sex with her back in September 2013.

However, Tope Alabi, denied all the accusations and told the media that there was nothing sexual between Ajanaku and her:
“I was at his church for ministration and I used to contribute my tithe at his church. Before news made the rounds that he was into traditional things,I had parted ways with him 3 years before then. God revealed to me that he’s that kind of person, hence my decision.”
Untill the day he died, Tope and the Prophet were reportedly not on talking terms.

The other scandal was about her confession of being a mermaid. Just a couple of month after the scandal involving Pastor Ajanaku a confession audio tape with the voice of Tope Alabi went viral. It was a tape where she claimed that she is possessed by a mermaid spirit.

Speaking on a radio show, the award-winning singer explained that she first got a hint of the rumour when she was out of the country. The singer said someone called her from Nigeria about it but that she never took the matter serious and thought it was just a media stunt until a pastor called her attention to it when she returned to Nigeria.
The singer totally debunked this rumor and told the press that whoever managed to use her voice to do the confession is a mischief maker and that the only confession she has ever made and will make is that of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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