Why You should Eat Banana Every Single Day



Everyone loves Banana but not everybody knows its benefits. Today, I will be sharing some important uses of Banana and its benefits to Health.
What is Banana? Banana is a fruit offered to our environment by nature. It is a food for both man and animals. It is delicious, sweet and adorable. As for me, I prefer Banana to any other fruits. Do you love eating Banana daily? It will be good if you do. Banana is a food that provide very numerous health benefits.
Banana contains Trytophan which is converted to serotonin and helps overcome depression. It has a low salt concentration and rich in potassium, this helps in reducing the risk to high blood pressure and also helps in preventing heart attack.
An energy-giver food, that is Banana. Eating Banana gives you more energy and sustain your blood sugar.
This fruit is the only raw food that can…

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