Nigerian Soup Learn The Simple Way To Make Oha Soup

Just give this recipe a try and you are on your way to making the delicious soupimage

Although Oha soup is native to the eastern part of Nigeria. Most Nigerian family from other tribes also enjoy this delicious and nutritional meal, but only few Nigerians know how to prepare it, and if you already know how to prepare it you can share your preparation method in the comment pox.
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Just give this recipe a try and you are on your way to making the delicious soup and you will love it. You should remember to use your fingers to pick the Oha leaves not slice with knife, wash them properly and cut the (Oha) leaves into tiny pieces using your hands and keep aside.
Beef (700g)
stock fish (500g)
blackfish (300g)
Grained crayfish
Palm oil
Grinded Black Pepper and onions
Pounded Cocoyam or Achi
Oha leaves
Put water in a pot and place on cooker.
Add meat and blended onion. Allow to cook until almost tender.
Add your stock fish, black fish, allow to cook to your own taste of tenderness.
When it has cooked properly add Palm oil allow to cook up to 3 minutes.
Add your blended crayfish, black paper, and allow to cook up before adding salt to taste. Cook for another few minutes.
Add the blended/ pounded cocoyam paste or Achi that had been dissolved in ordinary water to thicken the soup. Ensure you stir to avoid sticking to the pot. Cook for few minutes.
Add cube seasonings to taste plus Ogiri (optional)
When it has properly cooked, add your hand chopped Oha leaf.
Allow for another 1 or 2 minutes your Oha soup is ready.
Serve with any solid food (Wheat, Semolina, Pounded yam, Eba, and Fufu).
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