12 Bad Reponses to Artistic Rejection

Creative Ideas for Starving Artists

Rejection sucks.  It hurts.  It really hurts a lot.  When you take the risk of presenting something you made, which you took pride in and which is an expression of your best efforts and the best thing you were capable of producing at that moment, it can sting when your work is cruelly rebuffed.  Often, the rejection is cursory, insouciant and dismissive, as if no effort was made to consider its finer qualities.  Sometimes the rejection feels like the vindictive expression of pure prejudice, or the result of arbitrary irrationality.  At other times, the rejection is just plain nasty.  The feelings of indignity, injustice and shame can be overwhelming.  It feels like it’s not just your work that’s being discarded as worthless; it’s you.

We feel indignity because we have offered a gift that has not been appreciated.  It has been thrown back in our faces and our generosity derided. …

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