How Drones Deliver The Goods Across The Enterprise


Countless sci-fi novels and Hollywood blockbusters feature futuristic worlds where flying objects are the norm. Guess what? We are starting to see this come to life in the real world. Drones, for instance, are geting a lot of attention – what started off as a niche hobby has now grown into a multi-billion dollar market for both consumer and commercial use.

Recent advances in drone technology combined with the ability to capture, analyze and act upon large volumes of data make it possible to do a lot more today than ever before. According to a study by the Teal Group Corp, the spending on drones will nearly double by 2024 to about $11.4 billion (compared to about $6.4B in 2014). Large enterprises are moving quickly to evaluate how they can use such technologies.

How Drones Deliver The Goods Across The Enterprise

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