Do You Want to Start Your Business (Part-time) and Earn Additional $1000-$2000/month Income???

Hi! I am Jonel F. Canon, 23 years old from Bohol,Phillipines. I’m a proud Filipino and a citizen of the world. I’m a Young Entrepreneur, I am looking for QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS who will join my BUSINESS PROGRAM and will help them

EARN ₦91,200 in ONE DAY!!!

I believe in these two sayings;

 “The most poor person  in this world is not the man without money,but a man without DREAMS”

 “A poor man says “To see is to believe”. While a rich man say’s “Believe and you will see”





Imagine having no alarm clock to wake you up.

I believe that we all could have it all health, wealth, love and a rich Spiritual life.

I believe that someday all Country will become a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY.

But first we need to change our values from employment into a business perspective.

In order for things to change, YOU have to change.We can’t change others; we can only change ourselves.

However, when WE change, it changes everything.

And in doing so, you truly can be the change you want to see in the world.

Changing our nation, one person at a time.

Our Mission is to impart our program to every individual by teaching them the ATOMIC INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM. This program is specially DESIGNED for people to EARN MONEY to give financial freedom for everyone. To make this clear, money is just a piece of paper and its not all about the money, “Its about how you want to live your life according to your means”Theres a lot of people nowadays that until now.,they still believe that the formula to sucess is this.,”Go to school,Get a good grades and get a high paying jobs.,Now Let me tell u this.,that formula is Obsolete,.,its not apllicable in our society nowadays.,Whats my point?We have to acceptt the fact that in order for us to become succesful in just a short period of time we have to go into Business.We have to go along with the trends.,And now Network Marketing Business is the most trending and Fastest way to achieve ur Dreams and Goals in life.

I know many of us wants to have TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM in life.I know many of us wants to become SUCCESSFUL in order to help, not only to our family but also to the less fortunate people.     This BUSINESS PROGRAM can help you ACHIEVE TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I. EASY and SIMPLE REQUIREMENTS1. One time investment of ₦36,000 (Nigerian Naira)

2. Get 2 Business Partners

If you can do those Easy and Simple requirements you are 50% qualified in our BUSINESS PROGRAM.NOW LETS GET STARTED ;

Let me explain to you quick how to earn ₦91,200 (Nigerian Naira) per day in doing AIM Global business worldwide.

1.  Purchase your Global Package ~ Once you purchase your Global Package or Health Package for only ₦36,000 (Nigerian Naira) and you register as distributor of AIM Global, you will be provided with online business account (Data Tracking Center) through internet and it will create for you LEFT and RIGHT Sales Groups. Your username and password shall be provided once you sign-up for membership.

2. Direct Referral Bonus (DRB) of ₦1,900 ~ After purchasing your Health Package or Global Package (GP) for only ₦36,000, you will be registered as a Distributor of AIM Global and will be provided with your Distributor Tracking Center (DTC) which can be accessed using a USERNAME and PASSWORD. In your DTC you will have your own LEFT and RIGHT sales groups. When a friend (for example, John) buys a package with you as the sponsor, you will earn ₦1,900 as Direct Referral Bonus (DRB).

3. Matched Sales Pairing Bonus of ₦5,700 ~ If another friend (for example, Maria) buys a package on your LEFT sales group with you as the sponsor, you will earn another ₦1,900 DRB and a Matched Sales Bonus (MSB) of ₦5,700. All your earnings you can en-cash right away through your DTC and withdraw through your ATM.4. John has friends too ~ If for example John has 2 friends who registered on his LEFT and RIGHT, he will earn ₦1,900 DRB from his LEFT and from his RIGHT plus ₦5,700 Pairing Bonus. John can also encash his income right away through his DTC and withdraw through his ATM.5. Maria has only one friend ~ Maria will also earn ₦1,900 DRB if one of her friends (C) joins her on her RIGHT. Likewise if that friend also has 1 referral (D), that friend will also earn ₦1,900 DRB. Both Maria and her friend (C) can encash their income right away through their DTC and withdraw through their respective ATM.
6. One LEFT, One RIGHT = ₦5,700 ~ And how do you benefit from your left and right sales groups? Whenever the computer sees one on your LEFT and one on your RIGHT you always get ₦5,700. Even if your LEFT group is not the same in structure with your RIGHT group, you still earn ₦5,700. In this example you’ve got 3 PAIRS: 3 on your (L) and 3 on your (R). That’s why you have an income of ₦17,100.

7. Earn up to ₦91,200 per day ~ Example, on Day 1, you’ve got 2 on your LEFT and 3 on your RIGHT. You’ve got 2 PAIRS. That’s ₦11,400. Encash it anytime online through your DTC. The next day you’ve got 1 on your LEFT and 0 on your RIGHT. That’s still 1 PAIR because of 1 unpaired GP from Day 1. What if the next day, you’ve got 16 on your LEFT and 16 on your RIGHT. That’s 16 PAIRS – the maximum pairing per day = ₦91,200

8.The Matched Sales Pairing Bonus (MSPB) is based on POINTS ~ All products have points. Of all the products Global Package has the highest points of 1,200. Once the computer sees 1,200 PTS on your LEFT and 1,200 PTS on your RIGHT you earn ₦5,700.
9. What if you only have one sales group? Even if you have only one sales group you still earn 5% UNILEVEL commission on all product re-orders from 1st level down to your 10th level. Just imagine if you have both LEFT and RIGHT sales groups.UNILEVEL is our monthly income aside from our daily income from our Binary Plan or Matched Sales Pairing Bonus (MSPB)

10. Additional 5% commission from all your DIRECTS. Aside from the 5% UNILEVEL income, you will get additional 5% commission from all product reorders of all your DIRECTS. One can be called DIRECT if you were the one who PERSONALLY invited or sponsored him or her.
11. What if they are just reordering C24/7? Example, after 2 years you only have 1,000 people on your LEFT group and each member reordering only one (1) box of C24/7 per week, you’ll get 5% commission from all of their purchases. The 5% UNILEVEL commission from C24/7 is ₦42.75. Mutiplied by 1000 per week, this gives you a commission of ₦42,750 per week or ₦171,000 per month.


No. 87 Upper New Market Road, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.


#8 Dar Es Salaam Street Opposite National Open University of Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.


No 45, WOJI road, GRA Phase 2, Off OluObasanjo road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Bovas Petrol Station at Bodija, beside Methodist church, Kongi, Bodija. Look up, you will see a cream colour Story Building with big board displaying AIM GLOBAL (Alliance In Motion Global).


Buffalo House 2, Allen Avenue, By Allen – Opebi Roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

For more information about PRODUCTS and OTHER WAYS to EARN, visit

God bless you.

To your infinite success,

Coach Jonel f. Canon


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