Paris (redone) in black and white


It’s funny how conversations and events sometimes conspire to get you off your [creative] butt.

First it was the ongoing discussion with a photographer friend, which encouraged me to “digitally darkroom” some of my old photos.

Then on Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Peter Turnley’s gorgeous new book, French Kiss – A Love Letter to Paris. I’d bought it for Steve as a Valentine’s Day gift and had (somehow, miraculously!) resisted the urge to thumb through it so we could “discover” it together.

Turnley’s book is aptly named: His beautiful images awoke in me that strange combination of joy and nostalgia I feel only in Paris. Maybe even more gratifying? He also inspired me to revisit my own photos of Paris — and to appreciate them with new eyes.

I’m still an awful street photographer, and I still have a lot to learn about black-and-white toning. But…

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