Police: Intoxicated woman oblivious to her location and cold weather


Police said an Iowa woman found in a parking lot was so intoxicated, she didn’t know what city she was in and she seemed unaware that the baby she was carrying needed protection from cold weather.

Angelica Schultz, 39, of Cedar Rapids, was reportedly found walking in the parking lot of a hotel on 1st Avenue in Coralville, Iowa, just before 11 a.m. Sunday, February 8, 2015.   Schultz appeared to be intoxicated, police said, and was carrying a car seat that held a six-month-old baby girl.  The baby was wearing a dress and her legs were bare, despite an air temperature of 39 degrees; a hat and small blanket were in the car seat but not on the baby, police said.

“(Schultz) seemed to believe she was in Cedar Rapids,” the police report said.  “She claimed she came here about an hour ago and her boyfriend had taken the car.”

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