Leasing Creative Office Space? Don’t Get Screwed


Editor’s note: John Kim, Esq., is principal at Miren.Co, a commercial real estate brokerage, and Co-Founder of Opodz, a co-working space in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Good startups grow. Great startups grow smartly, with a watchful eye toward an unrestrictive future. Naturally, however, even the most brilliant of startups have blind spots in their management. One such blind spot is in the area of commercial real estate, where growing startups often risk entering into creative office space leases that could stymie their growth, anchor them in their race against the competition, or altogether crush them with debt.

That said, as someone who’s represented the interests of both landlords and tenants, I thought I’d share some important points for growing startups to consider in order to avoid hurting themselves when leasing these less traditional spaces.

“Creative office space” comes in all shapes and sizes, but its underlying commonality is that it…

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