Snowden, Jesus


snowdenA warning to those sensible people who believe blog posts should be short, or who have become attached to Montaigbakhtinian for the one-liners: This is not a short post. Some subjects are more demanding. (And I am even ready to propose—in some other, as yet unwritten post—that is past time we were challenged, and allowed ourselves to be challenged, by longer, more complex sentences than the ones to which we have become used.)

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This piece is a result of having, during a Christmas season, not only watched a documentary about Jesus, but also Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’s documentary about Edward Snowden. At the same time I read George Packer’s New Yorker article about Poitras and Citizenfour. My ruminations were, in particular, sparked by a conjunction. There was this from Packer: “In Poitras’s terms,” by the time Snowden arrived in Hong Kong to turn…

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