Spotify (Finally) Upgrades Windows Phone App With More Android, iOS Features Like Your Music


Spotify, which last week announced 60 million users (15 million paying) worldwide, is announcing an upgrade to its Windows Phone app that it hopes will get more users of Microsoft-powered mobile phones to use its streaming music service. The new app features a slicker-looking black-colored theme, alongside (finally) the appearance of Spotify’s “Your Music” feature to let users save albums and tracks to their collections, as well as its updated Browse feature.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.26.21“Our new design makes accessing your favourite music smoother than ever before. The new dark theme and refined interface lets the content come forward and ‘pop’, just like in a cinema when you dim the lights,” the company notes in a blog post.

Meanwhile, the Browse feature — which was first launched way back in 2013 — sees Spotify “delivering even more relevant and localised content,” which taps into the trend among music services to be ever more sophisticated, personalizing music to…

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