Introducing Glo OVERLOAD!!!

This is our way of blessing our numerous customers on the network in this season of gifting and sharing. It is also meant to ensure you have a GLO CHRISTMAS and a GLOBACOM NEW YEAR.

Glo Overload is a combo promotion where you get instant 200% bonus airtime on ALL recharges of N200 and above, 200% bonus on data plans of N2,000 or more and customers become 100 times richer with Daily and Weekly CASH prizes totaling 120 million naira on offer. Details of the promotion are hereby revealed:

1. Assured Benefits
a. Recharge Bonus: Customers will get 3 times the value of all recharges of N200 and above i.e 200% bonus on all recharges of N200 and above. Customers can recharge anytime on any day during the promo period to get the bonus. They will be able to use the bonus between 10pm and 8am only, depending on the validity period of the recharge denomination. Customers will opt in just once by dialing *200# to be eligible for the Overload windfall of FREE Airtime. Bonus can be used for on-net calls as well as SMS. Customers who are tired of being overloaded with bonus can dial *201# to stop receiving Overload bonus.

Recharge Denomination (=N=) Bonus Validity(Days)
200 2
500 3
1,000 7
2,000 15
5,000 15

b. Triple Data: Besides the 200% bonus on recharges, customers would get 200% bonus on purchase of all data plans of N2,000 and above.

Price of Data Plan (=N=) Data Bonus
2,000 2GB
3,000 4.5GB
5,000 12GB
8,000 24GB

2. Lucky Draw:
Besides the assured benefits, there is an element of lucky draw. Whatever the value of recharge loaded by the customer on his/her line, s/he stands a chance of winning 100 times the recharge value in CASH

Recharge Denomination(=N=) Cash Prize(=N=)
200 20,000
500 50,000
1,000 100,000
5,000 500,000


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